Team Concise was launched in August 2006, aimed at giving young British sailors a future in competitive offshore racing.

CEO's talk
Why do they do it?

Long distance runners subject themselves to hours of lung burning high altitude training. Jockeys starve to make their weight. Tennis players suffer mental torture as they battle it out on court – gladiatorial style. You can see it – the mental ticks. You hear them screaming – cursing the linesmen, their......

No Wind (More…)

The blast of wind shook everything. It was like an express train charging by. Rudely woken up, I turned over and squinted at the weather repeater by my bed – 50 knots, 53 knots, 45 knots – blowing a gale. My worries were straight away......

Life on board

  We have been asked to give a bit of an idea of what life is like on board a “Class 40” boat during these long offshore races. Well, the early stages of the Route du Rhum and the Transat Jacques Vabre, are rarely pretty.......

Latest News
It’s all happening (More…)

While Concise 2, with Pip and Pippa on board, gallently plugged south towards Brazil, Tony Lawson and Ned Collier Wakefield were at a press call at World Travel Market (London Excel ) for as part of the Ms Barbados promotion. Ned presented Minister of Tourism,......

Runners and Riders, Jumpers and Fallers… (More…)

  We are sorry to say that Concise 8 has had to retire from the 2015 Transat Jacques Vabre.   Late last night the boat suffered hull damage and turned downwind to seek shelter in Ireland.   Jack and Gildas are now safely back on......

They are off… (More…)

There might be a “Man for all Seasons” but unfortunately that does not apply to boats. Especially race boats. You have to make decisions when you get one. Inshore, offshore, full crew, short-handed, upwind, downwind performance, reaching? Q. How many miles is it? Ans. The Transat Jacques Vabre (TJV) is from Le Havre, France to Itajai in Southern Brazil. It is about 5,500 miles....

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